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Partner Harold Adkins To Speak at LSBA "Ethics & Professionalism: Summer Rerun", and DRI 2018 Young Lawyers Seminars

05/22/2018 9:10 AM

Harold Adkins will be speaking this summer at various seminars around the country, notably in New Orleans and Portland, OR.

First is the LSBA "Ethics & Professionalism: Summer Rerun" seminar that is being held at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, Friday, June 15th, 2018. The topic that Hal will be presenting is "The Ethical Limits of Deception in Negotiation".

Secondly, he will be speaking at the Defense Research Institute (DRI) 2018 Young Lawyers Seminar, being held in Portland, Oregon on Thursday, June 21. Hal will be part of a panel discussing the topic "Mediating Effectively by Knowing Your Audience".

Hal is frequently asked to speak at national seminars due to his wealth of experience in the negotation and mediation areas.


Congratulations Hal!