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Kenneth Sills, HSAG Managing Partner, Provides Snacks for Westdale Heights Magnet Elementary During Testing Week

04/22/2016 5:00 PM

Managing Partner Ken Sills made his annual trip over to Westdale Heights Elementary Academic Magnet to deliver snacks for students who will be testing during the week of April 25-29. Westdale's enthusiastic staff, led by Principal Catasha Edwards, received the snacks as they finish preparations for next week's tests. The students are allowed to have the snacks during the breaks between exams, and teachers report that the snacks are a great boost for the students each day, as it helps them reenergize before continuing with the tests.

After the exams, the students take time to write wonderful heartfelt thank-you notes to Mr. Sills to express their gratitude for the snacks, and to share each of their unique test week experiences.

We wish the students of Westdale Heights Elementary Magnet the best of luck on their upcoming exams!